Choosing Fabrics For Your Quilt

Are you interested in making a quilt? Is this you first time? You might feel slightly lost about what you should do cause you do not even have the material to start with. Quilting is a hobby that has been done for so many years. Many people do not want to do this anymore, as they believe that it is time consuming. But this hobby is very soothing for someone who has had a stressful day. You will be able to create something with a lot of colours and make it very personal so that whether you keep it to yourself or if you give it to someone, they will know how personal it is.

The main fabric

You need to first choose your main fabric. You will need to go through the stash of fabric. Find bits and bobs that will be pieces together for the quilt. You might need to find a bit more of fabric if you do not have enough. If you do not have enough you might even get a little bored.

The colour rule

Use Adobe Kuler, which will help you to combine the colours and general the colours that match. This is essential when quilting fabric because you need to make sure that the colours mach. If not the quilt will not look good. You will need to use some of the rules such as Traid colour rule, whichare yellow, red and blue whereas purple and green are complimentary colours. Play along with the colours and find the combination that you need. Visit this link if you are looking for Australiana quilting fabric.


Do not worry if you have unbalanced scale with patterns. These are what will bring out the beauty of the quilt. You will be putting together the patterns and the colours of the fabrics to bring out your own beautiful spin.

The actual task

Now begins the task where you will have to sit down when you are free and need a break. You can start putting the fabric pieces along with some patterns pieces and continue to do this until you get the correct length and the width that you need. Your patchwork fabric Australia quilt must look like a patchwork material.

How to gift this?

You can find huge gift boxes, which are available when gifting to your loved ones. Ensure that you just iron the quilt after you are done to ensure that it will look as if it has been made professionally. Finishing touches are very important when making personalised gifts. And there you go! You have the perfect gift to present to your loved ones.