Workplace Fashion Faux Pas: Mistakes To Avoid When Dressing For Work

Dressing for office should be relatively easy given that you always need to dress professionally and not accessorize too much. However there are some very common fashion mistakes both men and women do when they are dressing for business. Here are some of them that you might want to pay attention to.

Who do you work with?

Pay attention to the general culture in your office and how other people who are more senior to you dress. If you have just started a new job, understand that the dress code of your previous place might not be the exact same as your new employer. Also pay attention to the level of business circles that you are working in and who your boss and colleagues are. You will be representing the brand that you work for so make sure that you carry yourself with professionalism. A high qualified tailor skirt or pants will put emphasis on how groomed you are and will emanate a positive image.

Stand apart from the crowd

There will be usually some top of the list stores that sell business attire. Many men and women tend to go into these same outlets to purchase their apparel. You will find then that once you go out from home to work, you will see many people dressed in the same style, colours and patterns as you are. It gets very boring, very fast. You can stand outside the crowd and make an impression while you still adhere to the dress code of your organization. The first step is to get a bespoke tailor even though this can be slightly costly. The investment is well worth what you will be paying.  Click here for suit.

How does it fit you?

The fit of your attire is something that is very crucial. It is never a good idea to wear body hugging attire no matter how great a figure you have or how toned you are. The office is not the place to show off your curves and lines. If you really must choose a colour that will make your eyes stand out or give you a radiant look. It is also a faux pas to wear something that is too loose for you and makes you look like a hanger in the wardrobe. The correct fit will leave a bit of space between your skin and the material and will help you look smart. Also if you are wearing skirts, make sure that they are not too short and not too long either. Three quarter or knee length pencil skirts work like a wonder in the corporates. If it is a dress the same rule applies. Men’s trousers must not be too tight and not too baggy either. If you feel uncomfortable to move in it, chances are that it does not look good either.